When Can Kids Have Honey?

When Can Kids Have Honey?

Honey, sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”, is a delightful natural sweetener with various health benefits. All Happy Wolf fridge-fresh bars contain honey as a natural sweetener, avoiding any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. However, it is commonly known that kids cannot have honey, and it’s crucial to know when it’s safe to introduce honey into your child’s diet. 

Why kids can’t have honey

When it comes to feeding honey to children under the age of one, it’s a strict no-no. Honey can pose serious risks to infants, due to the risk of infant botulism. Botulism, caused by the bacterium Clostridium, botulinum, is a rare but potentially serious illness. While this bacterium is typically harmless to adults and older children, infants under the age of one are more vulnerable. Their immature digestive systems may not effectively combat the growth of C. botulinum and prevent the production of harmful toxins.

When can I introduce honey into my child’s diet?

The general consensus among healthcare professionals is that honey can be safely introduced to a child’s diet after their first birthday. By this age, most children have developed digestive systems that are better equipped to handle any potential risks associated with honey consumption. And as your child’s digestive system matures, you can gradually introduce this delicious and nutritious sweetener into their diet, safely enjoying numerous benefits.  

when can kids have honey?

Once your child reaches this sweet milestone, you can share the joy of honey together in a safe and healthy way! (And the joy of Happy Wolf fridge-fresh bars!)

Please note: It is important that you always consult your paediatrician if you have concerts or questions about your child’s diet.