Our Wildly Simple Ingredients

Because kids deserve real, whole foods, and busy parents deserve convenience without compromise








We only use organic, whole-food ingredients you would use in your own kitchen.

What you won't find in our products

No refined sugars, no sugar alcohols, no artificial or natural flavors, no seed oils, no additives, no highly processed ingredients, no thickeners or emulsifiers, no dyes, no preservatives. No weird ingredients, ever!

Allergen Process

Every Happy Wolf product is free from the top-9 most common
allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy and sesame.

Our manufacturing plant has stringent food safety and
allergen-control procedures in place. It is a fully peanut free facility and has a long history of producing certified top-9 allergen-free products.

They have a best-in-class allergen-protocol in place to minimize any risk of contamination. These protocols are routinely reviewed and audited by world class food safety organizations including, SQF (Safe Quality Foods), BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard), and comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as enforced through the FDA.

Our allergen protocol involves the following key layers of protection:

1) We exclusively source ingredients from facilities that are top-9 allergen-free, and our ingredients are stored in a designated allergen-free zone at our manufacturing facility.

2) Prior to production, a full allergen control cleanse and sanitization is performed and verified through ATP swabs and allergen swabbing program on the production line equipment.

3) We test final product post-production at a third-party ISO accredited lab to test for traces of top-9 allergens at a parts per million level, before being released for sale.

4) All ingredients are sealed and stored in a designated allergen-free zone.

5) All finished products are hermetically sealed in
packaging to eliminate any chance of exposure.