From our chaotic kitchen to yours

We're simplifying high-standard snacktime.

We're raising the bar on kids' snack bars.

Created by busy parents for families like yours.

Our Story

As a mom of two very hungry toddlers, Jana was struggling with snacktime. Despite a wide grocery store selection, she found that kids’ snacks – even the “clean ones” – were ultra-processed, containing ingredients she would never use in her own kitchen. So, she got to work creating the brand she wished existed for her own kids.

She knew exactly what she wanted to make – but not exactly how to make it for parents everywhere. That’s where Derek came in. A long-time friend and fellow frustrated parent, Derek had the deep operational expertise that Jana was missing.

Jana and Derek agreed that they felt best when their kids ate real, whole food. But like most busy parents, they wanted convenient snacks to keep their kids happy and full on-the-go.

They began crafting solutions in their own kitchens, using ingredients they already had on hand (in 154 different combinations) – and soon landed on a recipe equally loved by hundreds of discerning parents and their hungry wolves. 

Meet Happy Wolf.

Our key differences

So simple, you could make it at home

But you don’t have time to make every snack from scratch. We make our bars with the simplest possible whole-food ingredients – think sunflower seed butter, oats, dates and honey. With no additives or anything artificial, the fridge is our only “preservative.”

Snacks your kid actually wants to eat

All of the best ingredients and fanciest health claims won’t convince your child to eat a snack. Taste is their only criteria, and Happy Wolf’s bars have been taste tested by the pickiest palates on the playground. (They skipped back for seconds).

Full bellies, happy wolves!

We’re protesting the sugar rush – and subsequent crash. Most snacks cause a quick blood sugar spike and crash, but our bars keep things steady. Happy Wolf snacks are naturally high in protein, fiber and healthy fat, so your hungry wolf is satiated – and happy.

Meet Our Advisor

Rachel Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield is a mom of 3, co-founder of grt sht ventures, food entrepreneur, cookbook author and podcast host behind rachLmansfield and Just the Good Stuff where she has merged her love of food, business and family.