PackIt Freezable Snack Bag


Our favorite way to bring our Happy Wolf bars with us on the go! The bags come in 2 different playful patterns, Astronaut and Mermaid. 

Small yet mighty, the Freezable Snack Bag is specifically designed for fresh snacks. This cutie is perfect for traveling short distances. The tapered design is ultra-portable and fits into any corner of your backpack, tote, diaper bag or gym bag. 

The Freezable Snack Bag is designed with PackIt's patented EcoFreeze™ technology: freezable gel built into the walls of the snack bag. Imagine that, a snack bag designed to be frozen. The Bag That's an Ice Pack™: It's freezable, it's reusable, and it actually cools.

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Purchase the Happy Wolf fridge-fresh bar trial pack to get a taste of all 4 flavors!

Certified Organic by the USDA

Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Project

Clean Label Project Certified - tested for Heavy Metals, Pesticides, BPA/BPS, Antibiotics, Residual Solvents, Parabens, etc.

Made in a Gluten-Free Certified facility by the GFCP

Kosher Certified under the Orthodox Union

Just like what you'd make, but we did it for you.

We only use ingredients you’d find in your kitchen: a base of sunflower seed butter, gluten-free oats and pureed + dried fruits, plus a touch of real-food sweetness from dates and honey. We believe that kids don’t need ultra-processed nutritional powders — just whole food. If your kid can’t pronounce it, you can’t find it on our labels.


Nut Free



Clean Label

No Additives

No preservatives

No Refined Sugar