How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

how to get kids to eat healthy

Healthy Whole Foods are a Superpower

Healthy eating isn’t just about limiting ourselves and our kids. It's about building super kids! Nutritious, whole foods are like nature's super medicine—it strengthens bones, boosts brain function, and keeps emotions balanced. Plus, did you know a balanced diet even makes your gut happy? Studies say a happy gut could mean a happy mind (PubMed)!


Note: We know there are many obstacles to accessing unprocessed, whole foods, including financial and time constraints. Remember that food is better than no food, just do your best for your family within your current reality.


Here are 4 ways to turn healthy eating into a game that your kids will want to play! 

1. Mini Chefs in the House!

Let your little ones get in on the action and stir the pot. Yes it will take longer, and yes it will get messier, but they'll be more excited and more likely to try eating what they've created!

2.  Add some Imagination

This could look like letting your toddler show you how a dinosaur would eat it, or serving “magic rainbow dip” (yogurt with sprinkles) with a new fruit.

3. Be their Superhero

Be the change you wish to see on your child’s plate. If they see you munching on carrots, they might give it a try too! Research has shown that parents modeling healthy eating result in less picky eating in kids.

4. Put them in Charge

Toddlers love autonomy and control, so offer choices you are comfortable with whenever possible. For example, ask your toddler, “Should we dip our carrots in hummus or yogurt at lunch?" Remember to keep choices simple and not overwhelming.

5. Serve the snack with a meal!

Serve the snack with the meal! It may go against everything your mom believes, but serving snacks or treats with a meal can be a helpful strategy for kids who are fixated on packaged snacks. It takes some of the novelty away and makes it feel like an equal part of the meal. So feel free to serve our fridge-fresh snacks right on their lunch plates along with everything else!