WTF are Natural Flavors?

WTF are Natural Flavors?

Take a look at the back of your kids’ snacks bars. We’re willing to bet there’s “natural flavors” in them. Our stance is, absolutely no guilt if you or your kids eat products that contain them. We do too, and so do our kids. They’re nearly impossible to avoid.

But as it turns out, natural flavors are not really very “natural” at all. There’s a lot of bad talk about natural flavors in the industry, and the truth is, not a whole lot of it has been scientifically proven. But what we do know for sure is that they’re not transparent, and the “3-ingredients-only” packages that include “natural flavors” in them feel more than a little misleading.

You can legally include up to 100 HIDDEN INGREDIENTS within the “natural flavors” label, including synthetic solvents, preservatives, emulsifiers, colourings, animal derivatives and other additives. For those of us who want to know exactly what we’re consuming and what our kids are consuming, this feels a bit shady.

So when we set out to create wildly simple snack bars for kids, we knew that natural flavors didn’t belong in them.

We quickly learned why everyone else uses them except us: The organic freeze-dried strawberries we use in our strawberry bars cost about 100x what a few drops of natural flavors cost.

You don’t get that strong whiff of fake-strawberry when you open a wrapper. Which is new, and different, for a lot of people! But our bars taste great…so kids don’t seem to miss them!

We feel great knowing we’re only using simple, trusted ingredients we use in our own kitchens with our own kids.

No weird ingredients, ever!