toddler eating banana as a dairy-free snack

Dairy-Free Snacks for Kids to Try Now

Written by: Happy Wolf



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Have you been searching high and low for easy, dairy-free snacks for kids? You have come to the right place! At Happy Wolf, we know it can be hard to come up with snacks for your dairy-free kids that are quick and easy but taste good, too.

There are so many reasons why your child may be avoiding dairy. Maybe your child is lactose intolerant, has a milk allergy, follows a vegan diet, avoids dairy for religious, cultural, or environmental reasons, or simply doesn't like dairy. Whatever the reason, it can be challenging to find snacks that are completely dairy-free.

Sure, it isn't hard to avoid milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter, but sometimes snacks have "hidden dairy" that isn't so easy to recognize.

How to know if packaged snacks are dairy-free

It can be tricky to avoid dairy in packaged foods. Many products that seem to contain no dairy actually do.

You can avoid products that contain hidden dairy by reading the ingredient lists for:

  • Whey, a protein found in dairy products.

  • Casein, another protein found in dairy products.

  • Powdered, condensed milk, or milk by-products such as curds.

"Since dairy is the most common way that kids get calcium daily," says Cheryl Anderson, Registered Dietitian and mom of two, "it is important to look for other ways to include calcium in your dairy-free kid's diet to ensure that they are getting enough to build strong bones."

Anderson suggests you look for plant-based milk and milk products (like yogurt or cheese) fortified with calcium. Some beans, such as chickpeas and white and red beans, are also good sources of calcium. Additionally, leafy greens and broccoli are great vegetables to help your dairy-free kids get some extra calcium.

The best dairy-free snacks for kids to try now

Whether they are craving something sweet or salty, here is a list of easy and quick dairy-free snacks for your busy kids.

Happy Wolf snack bars

Simple, convenient, and delicious, Happy Wolf snack bars are a great on-the-go option for your dairy-free kids. They are made in a facility that takes allergen-free food seriously. You can be assured that all of our ingredients and the production process are free from the top nine most common allergens, including dairy. There are four amazing flavors to choose from here!

Banana & nut butter sushi

Looking for a fun, dairy-free after-school snack? Make banana and nut butter sushi! Spread some nut butter on a whole wheat tortilla, add a banana, roll it up, and slice it into bite-sized rolls for a tasty (and healthy) treat.

Energy balls

Since energy balls require few ingredients and no baking, they are an easy snack or tasty non-dairy dessert option for your kids. Most recipes are simple enough to make with young kids and require only pantry staples like oats, flour, nut butter, and dates.

energy balls make with oats, nut butter, and dates


Simple, sweet, and so nutritious! Bananas, mangoes, apples, berries—whatever their favorite—all fruit is full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your dairy-free kids need to grow strong. Make a big batch of fruit salad to pack for dairy-free lunchbox snacks or easy desserts during the week.

Popcorn or nuts

Popcorn and nuts are an easy, quick, dairy-free snack for your kids. They can enjoy them plain or sprinkle some nutritional yeast over them to add a cheesy taste (and vitamin B12!) without the dairy. Both satisfy a craving for something savory while providing lots of fiber.

Toast and mashed avocado

Avocados are packed full of healthy fats and fiber for your kids. Let your kids mash them with lime juice to dip toast strips into for a super nutritious and fun dairy-free snack!

Toast and mashed avocado as dairy-free snack for kids

Hummus and crackers packs

Crackers and hummus are a great dairy-free lunchbox snack for kids, bursting with protein, fiber, and calcium. Add some cut-up veggies for even more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Applesauce cups

Applesauce is a classic kid favorite and a quick and easy way to add some fiber and vitamins to your kid’s dairy-free lunchbox. Applesauce also provides some extra hydration for your active kids.

Roasted beans or legumes packets

It seems like there is a new flavor of roasted beans or legumes to choose from every week at the grocery store! These easy, on-the-go packets of roasted chickpeas, lentils, or beans are a great dairy-free source of protein and calcium. They are also full of fiber to help your little ones fill their bellies.

Coconut milk yogurt cups

Many non-dairy yogurt brands now offer smaller pots, which are excellent for a dairy-free dessert or school snack. Most dairy-free yogurts contain probiotics and are fortified with calcium, providing the same benefits as traditional yogurt.

toddler eating coconut milk yogurt

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